Maintenance tips

Vehicle maintenance inside and outside.

Regular maintenance helps maintain the value of your vehicle. Moreover, regular cleaning of the exterior (such as windows, lights and mirrors) benefits your safety.

Timely, expert repair of stone chip damage.

There is a risk of moisture penetrating between paint and metal due to splashing stones. This damages the paintwork even further, for example by rusting. Have the damaged part repaired by professionals as soon as possible.

Proper tyre pressure reduces tyre wear and saves fuel.

Incorrect tyre pressure leads to increased fuel consumption and wear. Moreover, wrong tyre pressure negatively affects handling and can even lead to a blowout.

Check Mercedes-Benz Trucks Manuals for relevant technical information.

Regular check of fluid levels.

Check engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid levels regularly. A too low oil level will inevitably lead to engine damage.

Check Mercedes-Benz Trucks Manuals for relevant technical information.

Timely performance of prescribed inspections/maintenance.

Your vehicle’s full maintenance record facilitates handling if a warranty claim needs to be made. If repairs have not been carried out according to Mercedes-Benz Trucks repair guidelines, additional charges will apply.

Performance of periodic inspections.

The legally required periodic inspections (APK) serve for the road safety of yourself and other road users. Moreover, negligence can incur unnecessary costs (fines).

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