Operational Lease

Maximum mobility.

Operational Lease

If you want to use your Mercedes-Benz Truck or bus without being the owner. The solution for those who want to use a Mercedes-Benz Truck or bus for a certain period of time, with a lower monthly lease payment and without any worries or obligation to buy the vehicle.

As an entrepreneur, you know only too well how important it is to be financially flexible. Buying a new – or second-hand – truck or bus puts a strain on your liquidity. But if you lease, you can use your available capital for something else. Your sales representative at your Mercedes-Benz Truck dealer or Daimler Buses will be happy to advise you and prepare a customised lease proposal.

Your benefits at a glance.


You rent the vehicle.

Fixed instalments

You pay a fixed monthly rate so you can budget easily.


You determine the duration of your agreement.

Not on your balance sheet

The commercial vehicle does not appear on your balance sheet.

Operating risk

The operating risk lies with Daimler Truck Financial Services.

Your solvency

This type of lease has a positive effect on your solvency.

Fair settlement

More or less kilometres driven will be fairly settled.


You have the option of taking over the vehicle at the end of your contract.

Service components

You can extend your agreement with service components as required, all on one invoice.


Administration of the Eurovignet via DTFS.


Constant monthly lease instalments.

Thanks to the constant lease instalments, you always have an overview of the costs for your vehicle. In addition to being able to plan the costs, leasing a vehicle can also provide fiscal benefits for you as an entrepreneur. Your tax advisor can provide you with more information.

Fair settlement of extra or less kilometres driven.

If you drive more or less kilometres with your Mercedes-Benz truck or bus than agreed in the leasing contract, these kilometres will be invoiced clearly and fairly on the basis of the rates agreed in the contract.

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